In touch with today’s culture? Afraid I must not be. Bringing your baby with you to school? In high school?

Imagine that…walking into Chemistry class in tenth grade, backpack and boys in tow…oh, no…wait. No more boys following you, cuz you are pushing a stroller into class. Lord have mercy.

That’s what I learned this morning. That is life for the local high-schooler these days.

“That would be so distracting to me!” were my first intelligible words.

“Yeah, it was. I couldn’t take my exam,” was the student’s response.

So, what’s next? Makes me want to go run a daycare at school for these girls…and pray for them!

Dear Lord. How do I reach this culture that I cannot relate to by experience?


~ by WendyRoo on August 8, 2009.

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