I Will Praise Him in the Storm

You know…this is a really great song by Casting Crowns  [www.castingcrowns.com]  and I love to sing it.

But living it is a different story.

Is there some reason why we have to be PLUNGED into a lab lesson when we write about, teach, or counsel someone in an area? Do we REALLY have to be challenged to experience it in living color?

Well, today was a cold glass of water splashed in my face. Not a nice cool, comforting drink. A shocker, actually.

I don’t praise Him in the storm. I gut it out, try to fix it in my own strength, work along just fine, for the most part, most of the time. But every once in a while I don’t take the time to get into the Word (and really eat it, not just read it mindlessly) or praise Him in the morning. Then I get slammed with news (like my aunt is back in ICU and my car won’t start and my husband’s laptop, his tool of business, just died) and I lose it.

Any of these things on one day, I can handle on my own.

But all at once and I’m toast.

NOTE TO SELF: Quit trying to “handle it on your own, Wendy.”

So I am now listening to William McDowell’s,  As We Worship [www.williammcdowellmusic.com]
and I am choosing to worship amidst the dammed up tears that want to flow like a storm.


~ by WendyRoo on August 11, 2009.

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