The unchurch generation…

Have you noticed how many people are doing church differently these days? There are websites specifically for people who don’t go to church. There are gatherings of people who want to be the church instead of going to church.

What does all this mean?

Have our churches lost their effectiveness?

Why do so many people not want to go to church?

I think if we focus on reaching out to people and helping or giving to them, we will start experiencing the fullness and high of being fully engaged with Christ. That’s what the unchurch generation is seeking: tangible engagement with a real Christ. When we are actually His hands and feet on earth…walking across the street to our neighbor…need me to pick up some groceries for you because you are sick right now? Talking to the servers at Barnie’s about more than just the coffee and tea we just ordered. Where do you go to school? What are you studying? What subjects do you like best? Giving them a great tip for their service, looking them in the eye, and sincerely saying, Thank you.

The real trick is going back to that same Barnie’s and talking to, and listening to those same people, week after week.

It takes time, Wendy, to establish relationships. Give it time.

Engage in people’s lives today. Stay alert. The opportunities are there. Be ready. Be real.


~ by WendyRoo on September 20, 2009.

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