Let’s Go Racin’ Boys

Daytona 500, the granddaddy of all races, is Sunday. My husband loves NASCAR. Listening to Larry prepare to attend the race with a buddy brought the following word pictures to mind as I contemplated my out-of-control thoughts.

Anxiety drafts off of fear. Side by side, worries trade paint, enhancing each other. Pushing, bumping, sometimes spinning out of control, one concern caroms off the wall into another, sending them down the embankment and across the infield.

Legendary NASCAR driver, and current TV announcer, Darrel Waltrip says, you’ve gotta slow down to go faster. Certain disciplines slow my mind’s speed, forcing the thoughts to fall behind the pace car of the Holy Spirit. The simple restraint of decaf instead of caffeinated helps me throttle down.

Journaling stream of consciousness empties the clutter of the high-speed thoughts jockeying for position. After spilling my mind for a few pages I’m better able to focus on His Word. When I read the verses aloud, my engine slows and my thoughts cruise along at the pace of a Sunday drive.

Working out aerobically gets my blood circulating so the mental pistons run freely. Then I can concentrate and digest a devotional. This pit stop refuels my brain with positive perspectives resulting in a smooth ride that day.

How do you keep your thoughts on track?


~ by WendyRoo on February 17, 2011.

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