Them Dust Bunnies are Rabid!

I need to clean my house.
I need to clear the clutter from my heart.

I have festering resentments that are piling up like dust bunnies under my bed. They’ve grown into adult rabbits and they’re making more babies. From a distance they are cute and furry and cuddly looking. Just like justified resentments. But if I touch them they bite me. And there’s some kind of poison in that bite that seeps into my heart and pollutes me from the inside out.

I think I was ignoring negative feelings in the hopes I was forgiving people and letting go of resentment. That method failed to clear the clutter from my heart. I was shoving the resentments down, hidden dust under the bed.

Hmmm. Better remove those dust bunnies with a spiritual housecleaning. Get out the vacuum cleaner to suck those babies up for good. Then deep clean with the swiffer and wood cleaner. Allow the wood cleaner to go deep into the grain of the hard wood floors.

Holy Spirit, please oil my heart with your love and tolerance and peace. Create a well lubricated foundation in my soul. Heal me from the inside out, Jesus.

I want freedom.


~ by WendyRoo on February 11, 2012.

2 Responses to “Them Dust Bunnies are Rabid!”

  1. SOOOOOOOOOO true. Strategic how we are on the same cycle, you and I ? Isn’t that just like Him – one w/ another – bearing each others concerns.

    Internittently this week, I’ve been wondering, “Didn’t I forgive her? him?” I thought I did. So how come when I hear the name or think of the incident, my heart palpatates, my voice crescendos, and I am unable to breathe.

    Maybe I don’t know how to do it, forgive.

    I followed the Divine Instructions. Let go. Release. Emancipate thy self. Oh, wait. He liberates me so I am able to breathe again. No, He already did that. Centuries ago. What am I dense?

    So this dust thing.

    I keep cleaning house. And every week, new dust collects. Bunnies bunnies every where. Why am I not able to Swiffer and be done, forever? NO. I gotta go THROUGH the process again ’cause every week, more dust bunnies.

    I am beginning to abhor the word “through”…

    I gotta revisit my Divine Instructions. Rabid is right!!

    • I like the analogy of having to clean the bunnies weekly. Maintenance. That is so true.
      Forgiveness has to be maintained as well.

      R.T. Kendall’s book “Total Forgiveness” fell out of line from my bookshelf this morning.
      I wonder if that inanimate book is a spiritual swiffer today?


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