Be Very Very Quiet

Carolina Wren

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I had a great picture from God the other day, sitting in my sanctuary. A brown wren hopped across the concrete in front of me, as I sat in my corner, outside our kitchen window. She jumped up into the Christmas cactus within arms reach of my right hand. Looking all around to make sure no predators were about, the wren seemed fine with me sitting there. Because I was perfectly still. I breathed slowly, silently, motionless. I watched her. She put a mouth full of twigs and brush in the nest, then flitted away. A few minutes later she was back carrying a long twig, three times her size, and some furry brush. She disappeared into the base of the Christmas cactus. I saw the leaves rustle a bit, then she flitted out and was gone.

Do I sit that quietly and attentively for you Holy Spirit?

No. Not anymore.

I was in that habit a while back. When was the last time? Two years ago? I would just sit quietly for five minutes and listen. I breathed in deeply, then out deliberately through pursed lips, five times, saying, “Jesus, I belong to you.” Then I sat there and listened. No books on my lap. No pen in my hand. Just me. Listening.

I saw some pretty amazing mind movies sometimes. Some messages that impacted me deeply.

Now the attic of my mind has gotten cluttered and dark again. I need a mental house cleaning. I get it God. You are trying to tell me to come back to listening to your Spirit in the quiet attentive way I watched that cute little momma wren.

Be still and know that I am God.


~ by WendyRoo on May 9, 2012.

5 Responses to “Be Very Very Quiet”

  1. Oh so beautiful, Wendy. I need this reminder today as my day is slow and im tempted to feel guilty. But i hear God sitting quietly in my daddy’s chair reading the Word as the squirrels sit a foot away munching on the treat i out out for them right next to the sliding door. So peaceful.

  2. Beautiful words from a beautiful woman.

  3. I just learned my wren is probably a he, not a she. I just read that the male wren builds nests and the female chooses which one she wants. He built a pretty nice one here. 🙂

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