Be Very Very Quiet


I received a great picture from God the other day, while sitting in my sanctuary. A brown wren hopped across the concrete in front of me as I sat in my corner, outside our kitchen window. She jumped up into the Christmas cactus within reach of my right hand. Looking around to make sure no predators lurked about, the wren seemed fine with me sitting there. I breathed slowly and silently as I watched her. She put a mouth full of twigs and brush in the nest then flitted away. A few minutes later she was back carrying a long twig, three times her size, and some furry brush. She disappeared into the base of the Christmas cactus. I saw the leaves rustle a bit. Then she flitted out and flew away.

Do I sit that quietly and attentively for you Holy Spirit?

No. Not anymore.

I was in that habit a while back. When was the last time? Two years ago? I would sit quietly for five minutes and listen. I breathed in deeply then out deliberately through pursed lips, five times, saying, “Jesus, I belong to you.” Then I sat there and listened. No books on my lap. No pen in my hand. Just me. Listening.

Sometimes, I saw some pretty amazing mind movies. Some messages impacted me deeply.

During a season when I was doing a Joyce Meyer study on The Battlefield of the Mind, one of my meditative times resulted in a multi-day movie of a mental house cleaning. The picture revealed an octagonal attic room of a large castle. On the first day, an ugly black beetle came out of the attic.  Jesus’ hand reached up to grab him. The beetle tried to use a sharp horn that protruded from its head to pierce Jesus’ nail punctured wrist. But Jesus was stronger and yanked him down through a hole in the floor of the attic , black ooze spilling out along with him.

Needless to say I was a little hesitant to engage in the meditation time the next day. How scary was this horror flick going to get?

Thankfully, the movies became more encouraging in each of the following days. One area at a time, the octagonal attic was cleaned. First the floor to ceiling bookshelves were dusted. The floors were washed, revealing lovely hardwood. One day, I sensed the Lord asking me, what about that dark corner to the right? The shadows were so thick I could hardly tell what was over there. Eventually I could see my art table and supplies. The shelves in that corner contained drawing books, quilting books, scrapbooking books. Months had passed since I had embraced my creative side. The Lord helped me clean out this area and light gradually increased to reveal a cozy, well-lit creative nook.

Finally, it was time for the window. An arched French paned window opened and the curtains blew gently. The opened windows revealed a beautiful lawn encircled by tall green pine trees. Behind them, a cliff’s edge lead to a deep drop off high above a beautiful roaring river. I felt as though I was soaring over the property then over the river, listening to the roaring rapids below. Mountains  framed the background to the left.  Across the river and up another cliff  I saw a forest of pine trees.

What an amazing experience that was. Why have I gotten away from meditation time with the Lord?  I guess I was looking for each day to be that dramatic, like the non-stop action movies in the theater. Each day was not that dramatic. So the habit dwindled away.

Now the attic of my mind has gotten cluttered and dark again. I feel like bats flit around in that attic and foxes creep into the yard below. I need a mental house cleaning. Again.

I need to turn the soul of my castle property back over to the landlord, God. I need to get back to listening to God. Mama wren sent the message well. I get it, God. You are trying to tell me to come back to listening to your Spirit in the quiet, attentive way I watched that cute little mama wren.

Be still and know that I am God.


~ by WendyRoo on July 26, 2012.

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